by Riana United
create a new venue

"The difference between a seller and a consultant consists in that the latter analyses the customer's needs and only then offers solutions or products to him.”

Consulting consists in offering pieces of qualified advice on matters of management and leadership. Therefore, offers efficent solutions targeted to achieving the aims of new start-ups in the industry, as well as those of already established companies in the branch.

For a successful start-up, our company will render advice concerning establishing the development strategy and the specific business details. Minimizing the financial investment, maximizing the profit as soon as possible, these are the common aims of start-up companies; Achieving these aims requires planning in detail each step of the way, accounting for the unseen and unexpected, which may become the most important factor in the eventual evolution of your company.

Do you need to construct a business plan? By taking into account your business needs, can debate your business plan, revealing its strengths and weaknesses, revealing the areas to be stressed for achieving its aims.

Our experience in consulting services as well as luxury retailing empowers us in offering bussiness ideas and helping you secure the distribution of products new to Romania ( becoming the single Romanian distributor of a good)

At this step one can lay down real objectives, according to the products one offers and one can concentrate on the steps leading to opening of the venue. The business plan should also include the plan concerning the marketing and distribution chanels of the good. can make available for you a solid database of potential customers to which you may add your company's contacts.

As the industrious engine of every company is fueled by the human energy, can assist you in:

  • Services for recruitment and management of human ressources
  • Specific, result-oriented training sessions
  • Analysis, description and evaluation of your open positions
  • Optimizing your chosen management style
  • Implementing the responsability list for each job and the common responsabilities of all the employees
  • Successful management of the work time
  • Increasing the contribution of employees to the overall success of the company structure

An important factor in stimulating the human ressources is reward. We can assist you in evaluating human ressources and in devising together rewarding schemes that would not affect the profit margins, but would eventualy grow the productivity of employees.